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Church LogoShen Yee Gau


Before following in the right direction of God, my mum was invited by a friend to go to church. From then on, I went along with my mum and brother to go to Sunday school. However, I would do the usual-singing songs and learn about the Bible stories, I couldn’t really care less and never really spent any of my spare time with God. I only liked going to church, because of the friends that I made from there and wanted my life to revolve around school, family, friends and playing. Although I had already known about God from my childhood.  I only read the Bible when I had free time, and I never really took it to heart. Therefore, there was an emptiness in my life with no meaning- a life without God directing me.

Not all my family are Christians, just only my mum and me. Most of my family are living in Malaysia and are idol worshippers and really don’t know that there is a God that loves them and wants them to know about his about Him and His plan of Salvation for them. Therefore, I hope that God will give me the courage to be able to tell them about what God has in store for them and the blessings they will receive if they put their trust in Him.  

How and when I came to Jesus form a relationship with God:
Many times, I’ve doubted whether I was ready to get baptised and accept Jesus as my personal Saviour. Believing in God isn’t about following His commandments;  it is also about developing a personal relationship with Him.

'It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.'  (Galatians 2:20)

God’s sacrifice to us was by sending His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross, and by shedding His blood to cleanse all of our sins. Little did I know that this single fact would affect me, and then I came to realize that to be delivered from my sins I must ask for forgiveness and repent. Jesus died on the cross and overcame death by rising again. This gives me hope that there is a new life beyond death; and for this reason, I am able to spend the rest of my eternity with Him and have no fear of physical death.

Not only do I have to know about God’s amazing love and precious gift to me, but to share with others around me, so that they may also receive it. He is the way the truth and the life, without God it is like I’m missing something.  I was once a slave to the Devil, but now I am set free and instead am a slave to God.

After believing Jesus: In my path to get baptised and become a true Christian, I would like to thank my mum for bringing me to know God, to thank Aunty Candy and Uncle Samuel for teaching and giving me guidance. Although living a Christian life may not be an easy path, I know that this is to strengthen our faith in God, and He will bless those who are willing to make sacrifices for Him. With hope for God, I know that I can endure struggles with God alongside me and with faith, I live my life for God. Even though there is sin, I know that I can stand up against it with the ’armour of God’ [Ephesians 6:10-18].

This is my promise: to turn away from the old life that is full of sin behind me; and from this point onwards, I will begin a new life in Jesus. For those of you out there that haven’t yet turned to God, just keep seeking for God and having the willingness to give room to Jesus to dwell in your heart. Finally, as my spiritual faith grows day by day, I hope that I won’t turn away from Him and fulfil His purpose by showing His love and grace for those that need to be saved.


Church LogoMelanie Leung


I believe there is God since I was very little. Because my dad’s family is all Christians, I went to Christian schools since I was in kindergarten. I went to Sunday school while I was in kindergarten. But then I changed schools so I didn’t go anymore. However, I still learnt about the Bible stories and memory verses when I went to school. Whenever I need help, I would talk to God in my head. Magically, I could feel He helped me.

Then I moved to Milton Keynes, and my dad started to bring me to go to the church in Stantonbury, but I found it very boring and unloved in there. My English wasn’t that good at the time because I just moved to England. Therefore, I was scared to be in Sunday school where we needed to read the Bible verses out loud. So, I was always making excuses not to go to church.

Later on, we got invited to go to a new church which opened in Newport Pagnell.  I started to go there almost every Sunday, but sometimes I would get distracted and go to shopping with friends instead of going to church.

Later, I got committed in the prayer time with Auntie Candy. Before, I have already thought I was a Christian. Commitment is just a process to be a proper Christian. So, I repeated each sentence that Auntie Candy said, and after that I realised that I got committed my life to Christ.

Then a month later, I went to my first summer Phat Camp. I realised how God loved me, and the presence of the Holy Spirit touched me and everyone was praising God freely with hands up and jumping. Before I didn’t really know who God was and what He had done for me. After I had become more devoted to God and I would read the Bible every day, go to church every Sunday and learn more about God.

But after a few weeks, I became lazy on doing my daily devotion, and my relationship with God was getting further apart. A few months later, I got invited to help in planning a winter Phat Camp, and it was like a booster that helped me become more motivating to my spiritual life.

After the camp, I was being really good for a while, but as time passed by, my motivation faded away. Then I attended summer Phat Camp 2008 and went to our church family camp.

Later on, Auntie Candy had a chat with me and talked about how I should pray for my mum as she wasn’t a Christian yet. It made me realise how important it was to evangelise to her, or else she would go to Hell while only my dad and I would go to Heaven. Ever since, I would pray for her every day, and also pray for my friends and family who have not believed in God yet. Then, a few months later, God answered my prayer. One night Auntie Candy and Uncle James came to my house and talked to my mum. Then the next morning, my dad told me that mum got committed to Christ. I was really happy that my mum got committed because before that she didn’t believe in God, and I feel that God has changed me to bear a good witness to her, and to show her how I have changed after committing to God.



Church LogoKevin Lo


My name is Kevin Lo. I was born in Hong Kong, on 2nd May 1989. My family immigrated to Northern Ireland when I was three, but not long after, my dad chose to leave us. I have been living with my mum and sister in the UK ever since. It was not until October of 2007 that we moved to Milton Keynes.

Before I accepted Christ into my heart, my life was empty and meaningless – even with whatever friends and aims I had. The Gospel was in my early life, but I chose not to listen. It went in one ear, and out the other. I chose to live a life of sin. However, that life was built on a foundation of sand – a foundation made from worldly things – empty relationships, empty things, and empty lives. Moving to Milton Keynes was just another step in that life – a step that disrupted all my old plans, but little did I know that God had another plan for me.

My aunt had already moved to Milton Keynes, and I had visited her and her church in the winter of 2004. Although I had met some new people then, I did not expect them to remember who I was when I revisited their fellowship. However, it was apparent that they did, and even showed genuine care to what I have been doing – the care that I had only experienced from family and close friends up until then.

At 10 pm, 26/10/2007, God called out to me during that Friday fellowship. He called me back with His love that only He has – the love that was present in everyone that night – it all derived from Him. I witnessed the support and love that was present between God and the church, and between the members of the church. Amongst

many things that I love and like, my heart was closed to the one that loved me the most. Finally, that night I liberated myself from the chains of yesterday, and humbly prayed to accept Jesus into my heart. That night, the lost son found his way back.

We, as humans are destined to be sinners, from the moment the original sin was committed by Eve and Adam in Eden. This sin separates us from God, who is holy, our Redeemer, and no matter how many good things we do; we cannot close the distance that already exists. Only through Jesus we can reach God that is why God sent Jesus to die for our sins:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

Why should we continue to turn our backs on Him, who loves us with an everlasting love? That He, who knew us and loved us before we were even conceived? One of the many verses that called out to me:

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” – Mark 2:17

Only Jesus can provide us with the cure – the cure that heals all of our pain, the mistakes, hurt, and sin of yesterday. Only then we can truly live for today. For He provides the ultimate healing:

“The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is is preached to the poor.” – Matthew 11:5

Since being saved, I have continued to experience His presence through Christian camps, and weekly fellowship and services. They say hindsight is always 20/20; looking back on this year, I can testify this to be true. His plan showed me a thrust into service for the church – something that I would never have imagined, and He continues to develop, provide, and bless me to this day.

One year on, I will be baptized on the same day I was saved. I believe this to be of no coincidence. This year has truly been one of the most eventful years of my life. His light shines on me continuously, as I build my new foundation – a foundation in Christ, one that would stand the test of time and fire.

By God’s grace, I am saved.


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